What’s on my Dock? Preferred Development Tools and Apps

I have always wanted to do a post like this, so here it goes! From left to right here are the Apps on my dock.

  • Firefox – Although I use Safari daily I can’t stop using Firefox for developing and designing my websites. I have yet to find a plugin for Safari or Chrome that’s so good as Firebug. There is a version of Firebug for Chrome but the experience isn’t as a fluid as it is on Firefox. The same goes to the Chrome development tools. Among the plugins I use on Firefox there is also measureit (to measure elements) and colorzilla to find the code of colours I see online.
  • Calendar – The Apple Calendar is amazing and it’s great to have all my appointments in one place. I have it synced with my University schedule (which includes tests, project deadlines and classes) and my Google Calendar so it’s synced with my phone as well.
  • Safari – It’s great for daily browsing and it’s super fast!
  • Terminal – I don’t consider myself a power-user but use the Terminal often for my University projects.
  • Sketch – It’s a recent acquisition, but it’s great! So much better and fun to use than Photoshop, I couldn’t be happier. I use it mainly to sketch (ahaha) new Web Designs.
  • Photoshop – I still prefer to use it for some Graphic Design I do occasionally.
  • Espresso – Bought a license a few years ago and don’t regret it. Although I have recently started using Sublime Text I still prefer it to do Web Development. It’s a matter of habit, I guess.
  • Sublime – Use it mainly for University Projects and programming C. I use it with the dark theme enabled and it looks amazing.
  • Spotify – I have a premium subscription and use it 24/7 (I’m serious, last year I listened to an equivalent of half an year of music! and I didn’t have a subscription back then).
  • DayOne – It’s an app that syncs with Dropbox and let’s you add text entries along with images. I use it regularly to write down my thoughts, it’s really nice!
  • WhatsApp – It’s also a recent acquisition but I use it daily to chat with my friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed my post and got new ideas for apps that you would like to start using on your Mac. Let me know your feedback!

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